Preparing Global Citizens For The 21st Century

(Owned and managed by Arya Stree Samaj Nairobi )

The Arya Stree Samaj laid the foundation of Arya Sishushala in 1950 .The support and planning of the Stree Samaj contributed immensely to the organisation. On 19th May 1950, the Arya Stree Samaj with a vision of ‘Girl’s ‘Education, Arya Vedic School (Nursery, Primary and Secondary) were established at Puri Bhavan, Ngara. The school is operated under VEDIC principles. The school is well equipped with all modern facilities and amenities to meet the learning needs of students, the school follows Edexcel IGCSE curriculum with outstanding results posted year after year.




Arya Vedic Academy is a premium learning institution following International Curriculum with student centred learning and professionalism as our mantra.
Every student is equipped with skills, competencies and abilities that enables them to make informed decisions that will help them establish healthy relationships while leading quality and impactful lives in the society
At Arya Vedic School, we believe in nurturing talents and abilities of every child placed under our care. This is made a reality by our committed, enthusiastic and well trained staff that has the requisite skills to handle every learner’s cognitive, affective and psychomotor needs releasing individuals who are armed to combat the needs of the outside world.
We aim at releasing reliable, innovative, creative and self-reliant individuals to our diverse global career market. To realise this, our school boasts of having ultra-modern infrastructure and diverse learning resources, programmes as well as opportunities of interaction with other international schools.
We thank you for your willingness to entrust us with your wards and look forward to partnering with you in moulding them into responsible individuals of character that is above reproach.
By entrusting your children to our care, we begin a long term covenant with key stake holders aimed at meeting every individual child in their unique learning abilities and tapping on their personalities to spur a hunger for excellence and a desire to touch other people’s lives locally and globally.

Dr. Geetika Saxena