Arya Vedic School offers A level curriculum. This makes it convenient for our students to seamlessly transit from the secondary section within a familiar environment. Our well-equipped A level section offers international education from year 12 to 13. With academic learning and holistic growth of our learners at the core, we do understand our responsibility of educating pupil’s to become a disciplined and responsible citizen of tomorrow with their social and emotional well-being becoming an integral part of their development.

Young children are prone to various kinds of mental and emotional trauma as they come from various socio-economic backgrounds. The school being a co-education school also has to deal with various adolescent, relationship issues which are handled by qualified school discipline team as well as counsellors. Arya VedicAcademy Secprovides guidance and counselling to its students and their parents through a full time qualified counsellor who addresses these underlying issues at large. Our teachers are also trained to identify the signs of distress within their classes and confidentially report to the Principal of that section who then makes a rationale judgment and sends the child to the counseling department.