Co-curricular activities


Through a rich variety of sports and games at our school, our ultra-modern sports facilities, and a staff with the requisite skills and experience, the academy has excelled not only regionally but also internationally. Such state of the art facilities at Arya Vedic School brings communities together and assists in improving mental health, promoting healthy active lifestyles through inter-houses events, games, annual sports day event among others.

To encourage exploration and utilization of talent beyond the classroom, the school offers the following:


Art provides students with the opportunity to harness their artistic skills through drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery, photography, fabric and screen printing.  Alongside the day-to-day lessons, there are a variety of art and photography activities coupled with trips outside of school to capture the wonders of Kenya on screen, paper or as a still images in photography.


Sport plays a significant part in the life of every student in the academy. We pride ourselves in our enviable reputation with every pupil having the opportunity to represent the school in the various teams at school as well as at a national level.  Students can study PE to IGCSE level as well as enjoy many co- and extracurricular options.  Students receive expert coaching from our staff enabling them make the most of our beautiful and extensive grounds, developing a long-term healthy lifestyle.

The School’s sporting activities include: Football, Table Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Netball, Rounders, and Athletics.  Students develop an appreciation of team spirit as well as perseverance.  Inter-house competitions encourage camaraderie and often revolve around sporting activities as well as other contests.  Whether developing our elite performers or opening-up sport for everyone, we make sure all interests and abilities are catered for and that everyone is challenged and encouraged to meet and exceed their potential.

Co-curricular Activities

Our vision is to inspire each child to achieve their individual potential, vital to this are our co-curricular activities such as: poetry recitals, spelling bee, music, drama, art and community work.

In addition to this, our learners also get an opportunity to take part in:

Science Congress competitions:

These offers an opportunity for our elite science students to compete against other students from around the world.

International MSUN & EAUM:

Students compete annually at an international level against their counterparts from other schools. This is a chance to practice their public speaking and presentation skills.

World Scholars Cup

The World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) is an academic competition that challenges and motivates students to learn new ideas, discover new strengths, and practice new skills. Each year our students together with others from more than 80 countries participate in local, regional and global rounds, all leading up to the Tournament of Champions that is held in Yale University.

The President’s Award:

This encourages students to focus on their educational interests and improve or enhance their abilities through engaging in challenging projects that bolster personal achievements and growth.

Other popular clubs include:

Computer Programming Club

Cooking Club

Home Science Club

Environmental club

Cultural exploration

We are privileged to live in a community rich with cultural diversity and our school mix reflects that breadth – from the nationalities of the learners who join us, the broad experience and international training of our teachers to the learning opportunities we offer.  Equally, we do our best to outstandingly utilize the opportunities presented by our location in Kenya, with its special and diverse environment.

Our family-style approach and philosophy of inclusion, means that every child feels a sense of belonging.  Every opportunity is utilised to develop attitudes of cooperation, citizenship, sportsmanship and teamwork — building mutual respect for each other.  

Guidance and Mentorship

At Arya, we understand that students have diverse post-secondary goals and destinations. We are proud to be an international school, and aim to foster and facilitate a global perspective in the present while contemplating the future.

Therefore, we endeavour to expose our students to a host of networking and learning opportunities, including visits from admissions tutors and career explorations that allow them make informed and satisfying post-secondary decisions.

We believe that there is a “good fit” for every student, and we work with each individually to assist them make this a reality.

Through our parents and alumni network, we also help students connect to work experience in both Year 10 and Year 11.

Additionally, we regularly host university fairs with over 40 representatives from top universities.

Overall, we are constantly searching for ways to enhance our students’ and parents’ awareness of university options and each step from selecting, applying, enrolling and arriving on campus.

Students, either individually and/or in small groups, are assisted to work on tasks like university searching, writing personal statements, practising interview skills, and composing résumés. We also welcome parents to come in, and be as much a part of the process as they would like.

With this rich variety and a curriculum which is dynamic enough, Arya Vedic would obviously be a choice for all. It is our commitment to ensure that students leaving our school are churned enough and prepared well for not only further educational opportunities but also for national and global service. And with a progressive management, we are always scaling newer heights for the school to meet not only the present but also future needs of the students of tomorrow.