Conveniently situated in Ngara next to chiefs camp Arya Vedic Academy nursery   is focused on providing your child with a holistic approach to education. Our children are the future!.We sincerely believe that its our responsibility to equip our learners with learning and thinking skills to prepare them for their future .W e believe that every child is  valuable and ha s a potential to achieve.

At our school we aim to give  our learners a well rounded education ,not only in classroom ,but also by building their confidence and self esteem.We offer EYFS (EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION STAGE)which is a British Curriculum.

EYFS understands the importance of giving a child a holistic education and the recognition that your children need to learn through practical experiences rather than being taught.

For many parents the prospect  of leaving your child in school for the  first time can be daunting. Thats why before the official starting date we invite you and your child to come and visit. This visit is not only to give your child the chance to gain happy anticipations of what there is to come but also offers the opportunity for us to learn from you, as much as we can about your child.

We understand that every child learns at their own pace and in their own way. At Arya Vedic  Academy-nursery we ensure that each child is in the group appropriate for their needs.

Our facilities are designed with every age group in mind. Babies are supported in transition from home to nursery with engaging sensory activities, set in a safe caring environment.

At preschool stage, our unique growing enhancement programs focuses on preparing your child for school whilst supporting their personal creative development.

Our extra curriculum activities  are delivered by our experienced and dedicated staff.

We would love to meet  you,  book a visit today and we will show you everything our nursery has to offer during your own personal tour.

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Mrs. Meena.

Head Nursery.