Teaching & Learning

The Primary section of Arya Vedic Academy has remained at the forefront of academic excellence over the years imparting Knowledge to our students apart from instilling discipline and respect.

The Academy follows Pearson Edexcel International Primary curriculum which is a comprehensive six year program offered across the globe. The externally assessed Pearson Edexcel iPLSC examinations at Year 6 are held in June every year. The idea for these assessment is to have internal as well as external benchmarking for the progression of these learners into the secondary section.


The inclusion of Science in the Primary School Curriculum has brought a major change to the schools as this reflects upon the importance of science and technology in various aspects of our daily lives, at work, at school and home. 

 Our dependence on science and technology requires that all pupils develop a high level of scientific literacy. The primary Science curriculum offered at school is a comprehensive program providing a firm foundation towards developing scientific attitude amongst all our young learners. Most importantly, it cultivates a positive attitude towards critical thinking and reasoning which provides pupils with numerous explorative opportunities.  

The curriculum requires teachers to implement the science program from early years to Year sixth and is structured in a progressive manner to support and develop pupil’s knowledge and understanding towards the Biological, Chemical and Physical concepts in the world within four major contexts: Living things, Energy and forces, Materials, and Environmental awareness/care. Pupils in each year groups are introduced to technology through a specific technology section entitled Designing and making 

Additional emphasis is being placed upon the interrelationship between science, technology and the environment. As a result, the curriculum combines Science and the environmental effects aiming to develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of how science and technology can be optimized and used towards conserving our Mother Earth’s resources towards the benefit of the social, cultural and economic welfares of humanity. 

The science curriculum aims to develop conceptual and procedural understanding. Conceptual understanding refers to the pupils’ knowledge of the biological and physical aspects of the world. Procedural understanding refers to the pupils’ scientific procedural understanding.  

Our department comprises of highly experienced and qualified academic staff who are well trained to develop the scientific aptitude in all our young learners.