Welcome to the Arya Vedic Academy Primary Section page. The purpose of this webpage is to provide parents, students, and our school community with easy access to a wealth of information on our programs, policies, and activities.

Arya Vedic School is a private International school. We strongly believe in providing quality and affordable schooling experience to all our leaners.

We offer British national curriculum along with a range of academic, social, cultural, sporting, co-curricular and community service opportunities for all our learners.

Our School aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment for all children, where each child is encouraged to explore his/her potential and achieve personal best in all aspects of school life. Students are challenged and engaged through realistic learning opportunities that inspire them to develop their creativity, confidence and resilience and encourage them to become an independent and disciplined life-long learners. We support individual wellbeing of our learners and provide a school environment that allows innovative learning experiences for every student. We set high goals and expectations especially in molding our learners into responsible and disciplined students and work passionately to safeguard positive emotions across our entire school community.

Arya Vedic Academy values relationships and connections within the community and we encourage our learners to develop respectful relationships with their peers, teachers and the society at large.

We are proud of our academic and co-curricular achievements over the years and continue to aim towards becoming a school of first choice for all within the community and it’s environs.


With academic learning and holistic growth of our learners at the core, we do understand our responsibility of educating pupil’s to become a disciplined and responsible citizens of tomorrow with their social and emotional well-being becoming an integral part of their development. .

Our dedicated team of well experienced and qualified teachers and staff genuinely loves all our pupils and takes pride in being an important part in their growing up and learning life skills during these crucial years of development.

Arya Vedic Academy offers education from Kindergarten to secondary levels. This makes it convenient for our students to seamlessly transition to the secondary section within a familiar environment. Our well-equipped secondary section offers International education from year 7 to A levels.

The ongoing Pandemic has transformed our school to adapt to the online teaching and learning institution however we remain optimistic towards returning to physical learning very soon.

We are forever committed to serve our students their families and community at large with care, compassion, and dedication.

Looking forward to seeing you at Arya Vedic academy- Primary Section.

Head Primary