Teaching & Learning


French as a foreign language is being taught from year 1 onwards enabling pupils to experience other countries culture and tradition along with appreciating their own language, culture and traditions.  

The French Department continuously organizes Spelling competitions, Poem recitations, Skits, Set up situation dialogues (role play) as well as has an active French club. 

Pupils are always encouraged to participate in these activities so as to develop their softer skills and master this foreign language which forms an essential component towards their future career goals.  


English is the chassis upon which the body of curriculum delivery rests. With our rich cultural and ethnic diversity, it becomes a unifying factor and a medium through which all the other subjects transmit knowledge. We aim at promoting literacy especially the ability to read, write, analytical skills and critical thinking which are quite vital in the world of work. 

Our department offers Pearson Edexcel English language and Literature in English. Studying English literature opens up a world of inspiration and creativity, while also developing skills that are essential for today’s global environment. It is a chance to discover how literature makes sense of the world through stories, poems, novels and plays. They receive in-depth introduction to crucial literary genres (novels, poems, and plays) from as early as year 7 which prepares them for their studies at the senior classes and life thereafter. It is also a chance to sharpen one’s ability to write, read, analyse and persuade. It said literature is a mirror of the society. 

 Through extensive reading and writing in English Language, students in our school develop their skills of analysis, interpretation and self-expression. This is through exposure to spoken, written and multimodal texts through which various writers communicate their reservoir of knowledge and experiences enabling the students to share in the same. This exposure grants students an edge in career paths such as communication, journalism, international relations and diplomacy among others besides assisting them in other subjects. 

 We are endowed with a skilled, experienced and enthusiastic staff that is zealous in seeing that every student excels and has in depth mastery of written and spoken English.  

Apart from course work, the department has diverse activities where learners show their prowess and competence in the language such as: Spelling bee, poetry recitation, essay writing competition just to mention a few.  

Clubs such as Drama and Journalism help sharpen students’ ability to express themselves and enhance their team work and problem-solving skills necessary outside world.  

We take pride in being the nerve centre of the curriculum, having a warm and all inclusive atmosphere as well as a devoted, prolific team of tutors.  

Margaret Fuller’s words ‘Today a reader tomorrow a leader’ are the wind beneath our wings as a department. We are well alive to this fact and as the wheel of time turns and turns, so do our pedagogy and quality of our graduates. 


Arya Vedic School has a very vibrant Mathematics department where the students are academically recognized internationally for their outstanding performance. 

On several occasions, our students have managed to attain 100% score in the subject and declared the top in the world by Pearson Edexcel. 

Mathematical skills are incorporated within the curriculum from very early stage at school which bears its fruits in the secondary section through consistent hard work by our team of dedicated and experienced staff members. 

We encourage our students to participate in various Mathematic Olympiads and competitions organized both internally as well as externally.